Saint Emilion


Shut the eyes and imagine a typical French village, with cobbled streets and medieval houses: that’s Saint Emilion, listed on the UNESCO Heritage.
Enjoy the visit of the underground monuments: the Monolithic Church, the Catacombs, The Trinity Chapel and the Hermitage, where, according to the legend, Emilion spent 17 years!!! Then, let’s go for a visit and wine-tasting in a Classified Great Growth of the St Emilion Appellation. !!!


For lunch, what do you think about a cheese tray with red wine!!! Or more classical, a gastronomic lunch in the “Hostellerie de Plaisance” – 1 star in the Michelin guide.

But the peculiarity of St Emilion consists in kilometres of underground galleries used now for ageing the most famous wines: Beauséjour Bécot, Villemaurine, Franc-Mayne… before to come back, we will enjoy a visit of one of them and a wine-tasting.

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